About Us

Focused on sustainable innovation, we work daily on developing solutions for the hygiene and personal care market.

Our story

João Lobo Maia and Georges Marchand started the project in 2003, with the purpose of meeting the needs of large hotel chains for solid amenities. It all started in a production unit in Esposende, with the manufacturing of small format soaps.

Specialists in soap manufacturing, for over a decade, we’ve kept our focus on amenities production – with a steadily growing brand portfolio. The business has kept pace with the growth of the tourism sector and the demand from hotels for customized products with the recognized quality of the cosmetics area.

We develop and produce solid cosmetics

Focused on sustainable innovation, we work daily on developing solutions for the hygiene and personal care market.

The growing regulatory requirements in the cosmetics area and our commitment to the environment were decisive in starting the project for a new manufacturing unit — Groupe GM Cosmética Portugal, inaugurated in 2018, — that would be able to meet current and future technical standards and requirements, within the scope of Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716), and Quality and Environment Management standards (ISO 9001 and 14001).

Continuous innovation and improvement

Aware of the speed of evolution in the increasingly global world we live in, we are continually looking for new ways to be part of your daily personal care routines: through our shampoos, conditioners, body and lip moisturizers, deodorants, and specialized cleansers.

The constant and rapid innovation in the sector of consumer goods and hygiene and beauty products drove the creation of a multidisciplinary team with technical and social skills that would allow us to develop new products and expand our range of services and competencies.

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Our Team

Today we are a team of 30 employees specializing in the areas of chemistry, engineering, production, marketing, and sales, which enables us to continuously innovate products in solid form.

Management Policy

Our purpose

To be able to respond to customer needs, with quality and integrity.

To be a reference in the development and manufacturing of solid cosmetics.

To be recognized as a specialist in private label personal care products.

Focus on productive efficiency, industrialization, and technology.

The organization’s commitment to the prevention and protection of the environment.

What makes us stand out

Transparency in processes.

We are committed to green resources and energies, favouring the circular economy and reuse.

We support the surrounding community, the use of local resources and the promotion of social responsibility actions.

We invest in training our team to provide them with skills and tools to achieve continuous innovation and improvement.


Evolution, Innovation, and Sustainability


Purpose, learning and progress

Customers and suppliers

Partnership, quality and integrity


Respect and care


Support and sharing

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