Environment, Social and Governance.

Our strategy

Sustainability is in our DNA – our choices, our behavior, our strategy, reflects our commitment to our stakeholders, the world, and future generations.

We choose green resources and energy, promoting the circular economy and reuse.

We reduce water and plastic consumption by producing (almost) water-free products.

We recycle 93% of our waste.

We support the surrounding community, using local suppliers and promoting social responsibility actions.


Committed to decarbonization, we adopt clean technologies, renewable energy sources and efficient processes. We promote recycling, reuse of resources and sustainable waste management. In addition, we protect ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and contribute to a greener and more balanced future.


We value human capital, recognizing the importance of our employees as essential assets. We invest in their training and professional development, promoting their growth and well-being. Individual freedom, respect for human rights, internal policies that promote non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all are the basis of our actions. Diversity and inclusion are key principles for us, ensuring a welcoming and respectful work environment where everyone is valued and has space to contribute. The safety of our employees is a priority, implementing measures that aim to protect their physical and psychological integrity, creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

> Equality and non-discrimination policy
> Human rights policy



We always seek to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards of integrity and honesty. Transparency is a fundamental value, communicating clearly and openly with our employees, customers, and partners, in sharing information and decision-making. We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and society, seeking to adopt sustainable and responsible practices, contributing to a fairer and more balanced future.

> Mission statement

Our priorities

In 2023, we measured our impact on the atmosphere by calculating the carbon footprint.

We established a partnership with Greenvolt Comunidades, that will allow us to meet our energy needs and those around us, without zero environmental impact.

This year, we are working to:

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