Cosméticos sólidos: uma escolha sustentável

Solid cosmetics:
a sustainable choice

In recent years, we have witnessed a real revolution in consumer trends in the world of beauty, driven by growing environmental awareness and sustainability among consumers. Solid cosmetics, also known as waterless cosmetics, have been gaining prominence for offering an ecologically conscious alternative to traditional hygiene and beauty products.

Solid cosmetics are beauty products presented in compact formats, eliminating the need for plastic packaging. They include soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, moisturizers and even makeup. These products have been gaining more and more space in the market due to their benefits for the skin and the environment, as they are mostly formulated without the presence of water and, consequently, without the need for plastic packaging – thus reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Furthermore, it’s possible to create formulas with a high natural index, contributing to the reduction of harmful chemicals for both the skin and the environment.

With a variety of textures and fragrances, solid cosmetics offer a very pleasant sensory experience while cleansing, nourishing, and revitalizing the skin and hair, with the desired quality and performance, becoming an increasingly popular choice among consumers.

Social and environmental awareness:
This trend is driven by several factors. Firstly, solid cosmetics have a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to liquid products or those in plastic packaging. The manufacturing, transportation and disposal of these products generate much less waste and carbon emissions.

Another relevant point is the durability of these products. Solid cosmetics often last longer than liquid versions, due to their solid and concentrated forms, which means consumers need to purchase them less frequently and that, consequently, generate less waste, fewer product travel/transportations and more savings on various levels.

In addition, the convenience of solid cosmetics is also an attractive factor for modern consumers. They are ideal for travel, take up less space, and are less prone to leakage, making them a convenient choice for a busy lifestyle.

The adoption of solid cosmetics has been driven by this growing social and environmental awareness. Their use promotes a responsible and minimalist beauty routine, aligned with the principles of sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

Diversity of options:
The available options in the market are diverse. From soaps enriched with moisturizing ingredients and delicate scents to solid shampoos that provide gentle and effective cleansing, consumers have a variety of choices available to suit individual needs. This diversity of solid products allows each person to find the perfect solution for their personal care, without compromising skin health or commitment to the environment.

The rise of solid cosmetics represents a promising step towards a more sustainable and conscious beauty industry. This trend not only reflects the changing values and behavior of consumers, but also offers a valuable opportunity for companies to innovate and contribute to a more more sustainable future.

With their versatility, effectiveness, and environment friendly approach, solid cosmetics are setting a new standard in the beauty industry.


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